Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I really should blog more

I keep thinking of things to share here on the blog. Sometimes I take the lazy way out and put them on Facebook--it's not the same, but it's easier--and sometimes I just let the thoughts slip away.

We have lots of things going on around here. We've been getting various things done--none really exciting enough to be worth your reading time! But there is one very exciting thing that is worth sharing: Pua and her daughters will be visiting us next week!

We had a visit from Jeff this past weekend. Yes, I know, huge surprise! An old friend commented the other day that he suspected Jeff lived in our attic. Well, not quite, but we're very close to him, and he's only a LIRR train ride away, so we do see him a fair amount.

We had some nice weather this weekend, too. After Jeff headed home (not that I can't do this with him here), I even managed some time in the hammock, finishing a novel I was reading.

So things are pretty good around here. Work has been quite busy, but hey, I'm working, so, in this economy, no complaints! (Actually, I work at a great place, and I really can't complain, in any case!)

And, on that note, let's continue where we left off with the rugby photos...

Yes, he's got something shoved up his nose--it stops the bleeding!

Guy on another team warming up...but feel free to imagine your own caption. :)

And I think we'll end it there. That does it for the tournament, but I didn't share anywhere near all of the photos. If you want to see the whole set, go here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Gotham Rugby?

Various things have happened recently. Some good, some not so good. I'm certainly hoping the recent spate of deaths has passed. We knew too many people who lost loved ones. So I hope that's done for quite a while!

On the plus side, we went to see Hair on Broadway. The tickets were a birthday gift from our old friend Jeff (he bought them around my birthday, but he had to buy this far out, so we could get good seats). The show was great! It's the best show I've seen in a long time. [I'm back to amend this post. Marc tells me it actually was a wedding gift. Well, that was the same day as my birthday, so I was close.]

I know I mentioned something about posting more photos from the Kansas trip. Not that there were that many, but Marc is posting them on his blog. There are some nice ones, so go check out his blog, if you haven't yet.

Since I still have rugby photos left (somewhat fog-shrouded though many of them are), I figured I'd keep going with those.

That can't be comfy!

Another effort (as you may recall from a prior post), but that shirt just won't let go!

I guess that's enough for one post. Hope you like them!