Friday, August 28, 2009

Labradog blogging

Tonight, I decided to remove the lens from my camera, lock the mirror in the up position and clean the sensor using air blown from a Giotto Rocket. After doing that, I wanted to test the camera--you know, to make sure I didn't do something wonderful like damage the sensor. (This is an accepted way to clean the sensor, so I didn't think I was taking a big risk, but I needed to check after I was done to be sure.)

Needing a subject to photograph, I was happy to see Mandy come over and volunteer. Not that she's a cooperative subject, but I had to make do! ;)

I love this one

Yeah, that's all I've got, but keep your crosses fingered... there's rugby this weekend! Unfortunately, there's also some very nasty weather in our area, so we may not get there. Still, if there's enough of a break in the rain, we may try to get to the tournament and get a few photos.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Very cool stuff: building block of life found in a comet

Yes, if you're an amateur science geek like me, this is very exciting! Can a visit from the Vulcans be far behind?

Seriously, finding one of life's building blocks in a comet is more evidence that life can, and probably does, exist in lots of places in the universe, not just here. I'm sure this is more reason for the Jeebus nuts to hate people like me (you know, there's nothing about this in that book they love), but I can't help but be fascinated by the universe. Thinking... a dangerous thing! ;)

Read more here: - Life's building block discovered in comet

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunflower photos

In our travels with Pua and her daughters, Averie and Caris, we stopped at Pindar Vineyards. Next to the parking lot was a field of sunflowers (interestingly, the Pindar website says they're having a sunflower photo contest).

Averie and Caris loved the sunflowers and decided they needed photos among the flowers. Since the girls are so pretty, I just have to share a few of the shots.

Averie among the flowers

I'm not sure what this one was about, but the girls wanted it. I'm sure I'm missing some reference.

Aren't they beautiful? Too bad I like boys.

It was a fun day to cap off a fun visit. I hope they come back soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pua's visit

Wow, did we have fun! Now, if we had a hot male blogger and his two hot sons visit, you'd read that and say, "I'm sure you did!" Perhaps you'd even roll your eyes. ;) However, we were visited by three lovely women, and we had tons of fun all the same! Yes, the lovely Pua and her gorgeous* daughters, Averie and Caris, came to stay with us, and we really did have a wonderful time! (*Pua, if I weren't so completely gay, I'd do my best to see if either of those girls likes older men! Wow, they're hot--and so polite, too!)

They arrived last Tuesday night and stayed until yesterday morning. Make that EARLY yesterday morning. Their flight departed at 6:10am from LaGuardia Airport, so we all got up at 3:30am to get ready and take them there.

Friday night and Saturday were the high points of the visit for Marc and me. On Friday, we had a number of mutual friends over for a dinner party, and, on Saturday, we took Pua, Averie and Caris out east for some sightseeing.

I only shot a handful of photos during their visit (bad me!). For this post, I'll stick to Friday's dinner & drinks get-together.

The always handsome

More straightgirl beauty, in the form of

Three lovelies: Caris, Averie and my

Pua and
Patrick D

Pua and
Patrick L

Wayne, who never seems to age

Pua had to step away a few times, to make sure California keeps running in her absence!

After thoroughly inspecting and cuddling with the guests, Mandy went to guard the sofa

A certain
Famous Author was in attendance. Feel free to caption this one yourselves! ;)

I love how this shot of Deidre turned out. Deidre, honey, if I were straight and we both were single...

The pups got lots of love from Pua, Averie and Caris. We've had lots of canine sulking since they left!

If this looks like one giant dog, that's because Mandy moved into the shot--probably moving in for a butt sniff while Bernice was sharing love with Pua.

This really was a great visit. Pua, Averie and Caris are wonderful and lots of fun. On top of that, they're very courteous guests! They don't leave messes behind them (if you've had many houseguests, you'll appreciate how nice that is!), and they always thought of how they could make things easier on us. Our thanks to all three of them for being so thoughtful and for all the fun we had during their visit!

I'll have a bit about Saturday in a separate post (and I'm sure Marc and Pua will have more to share on their blogs).