Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No, you're not gay

I freely accept that you are not gay, Senator Craig. Perhaps your true sexuality has been telling you that you are since the first time you beat off to thoughts of other guys, but you shouldn't be able to proudly call yourself gay.

What you clearly are is a hate-filled, self-loathing, closet-case bigot who has done more in your selfishness to support homophobia and endorse hatred than anyone else in recent days, all so you can protect your ass from the constituent-based fucking it's about to get.

No, that strapping blond guy in the next stall isn't going to have his way with you, but the voters are. Serves you right, but you deserve far worse than that! (And I do love that your "colleagues" are the first ones to offer rope for the noose.)

You've told Mr. & Mrs. Average American that this is what gay life is about. Well, I am a gay man, and this isn't what my life is about, nor has it ever been. I'm a hard-working, tax-paying, voting, full participant in American life. I am a patriot, a homeowner and a loving partner.

Back in my dating days? Yes, I went out to clubs and dated men. That's how a gay man usually lives when he's single. But I never would have considered hitting on random strangers in an airport bathroom! What kind of sick, twisted, fucked up old closet case is thinking he can get some off the young stud in the next stall by tapping out the 1812 Overture with his wingtips and waving semaphore flags under the stall or whatever you did, you repulsive old pervert.

Yes, shit-for-brains, that's lewd conduct. I'd have you arrested, too, if you peeked into my stall and then tried to hit on me. It's not a matter of being gay. It's a matter of being a fucking sicko.

Instead of living your true life, it has come to this. The saddest part is that you have indirectly hurt countless honest, upstanding gay citizens by your actions. I'm not a very religious person, but people like you do make me hope there's a time to answer to God, so you can explain how you built your career on hatred and bigotry and couldn't even be honest when faced with what you've become.

I have many gay friends. Some are in monogamous relationships like mine. Some date now and then. Others have dated lots of guys, just like I've known straight guys who have dated lots of girls. All of these friends are good people, and their dating lives are honest approaches to what they want and need. What none of them do is pretend to be straight and attack other gay men for their own personal gain the way you do. More to the point, none of them are trolling the men's rooms at JFK, hitting on random strangers in the stalls.

Do us all a favor, scumbag. Tell the world the truth, that you're not what gay life is about, and then do the honorable thing, Samurai-style, and disembowel yourself on the Capitol steps.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amazing what these planes can do

I've never seen anything quite like these. There are a few landings shown in this video. Each one shows a large jet landing while twisted to the side to fight very heavy crosswinds, but I couple of them are sufficient to cause gasps and/or shock-induced expletives.

Take a look. It's amazing stuff!

BTW, I don't know what the text says in the video. I believe the test flights were done in Brazil, so maybe that explains it.

And I wonder if the onboard computers were doing the maneuvering during those landings. Probably. If the pilots were actually handling that manually, I'm really amazed.

Monday, August 20, 2007

On The Bay

Each year, LIGALY holds an event called On The Bay. This year's honorees were a state legislator who has supported GLBT causes and Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame. I was joined at the event by my other half and two dear friends of ours.

Jeff and my beloved Marc

Michael the sex machine (he said I should call him that)

The weather didn't cooperate (it was a gray day), but it still was a nice event. Right on the water, as the name implies, this fundraiser is held at the home of a supporter. The food wasn't fabulous, but there still were any number of things worth eating...

(Now let's see if any of the above boys read this blog. If they do, I bet I'll hear about this!) :)

Even if they didn't have such cute boys to ogle, it would have been fun. Of course, I had good friends along, so it didn't take much to make it fun!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I know I shouldn't be proud, but...

This is our nephew Owen...

Owen is 4 years old. Owen has many activities. One that he occasionally enjoys is punching a mini-punching bag in the basement of his house. As he will tell you, his dad has taught him that he's not to hit anyone unless they hit him first.

Well, he was at the public pool the other day. As his father watched, he approached two kids who were playing together to see if he could play with them. One of the kids turned around and hit Owen in the stomach. Owen knew the rules. He'd been hit, so he was free to respond. The kid who hit Owen in the stomach got a fist to the head and was knocked unconscious.

I know I shouldn't be proud of my 4-year old nephew for an act of violence, but I'm glad he stood up for himself. He didn't start the fight, but he finished it and that works for me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This has gone too far!

The gun culture in this country is out of control. The NRA and the rest of the gun nuts are way too in love with their guns. I knew there were lots of magazines to encourage, support and entertain the gun nuts (Guns & Ammo, Guns Magazine... there's even Garden & Gun magazine), but they've hit a new low. I saw this in a store in NYC's lovely Penn Station this evening...

Because dogs need firearms!

I'm sorry, but we don't need to be arming our dogs! I love my dogs as much as anyone and deny them virtually nothing, but this is where I draw the line! I say, no guns for dogs, and I'm standing firm on that!

Friday, August 10, 2007

An effort worthy of support

If any of you are inclined to give to charity in the near future, we have a friend who can use your support.

Adam Josephs is a member (and former President) of our rugby team, the Gotham Knights. To celebrate his 40th birthday, instead of throwing a big party and looking forward to presents, he has decided to participate in Braking the Cycle 2007, a 275 mile, 3 day bicycle ride supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Adam is trying to raise $10,000 to support this noble cause. If you can do anything to help, please go here and give whatever you can.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Enough of these roadside memorials!

Someone died in a car crash. That's too bad, but does every one of these tragedies require a (typically cheesy and poorly made) memorial to be built where the crash happened? Is that what needs to be remembered? Is that someone special's life best summed up with a makeshift memorial where they crashed? Was dying in a car crash the person's greatest achievement?

Today, I saw one that had taken this questionable practice to new lows. Apparently, the departed's last bit of driving involved a Porsche (or maybe he just loved the cars). Anyhow, someone apparently had a couple of flower arrangements made, including one made to look like the Porsche logo/crest. So what did this do? It gave the gang of idiots that constitutes my fellow commuters yet another excuse to drive two miles per hour and gawk at something. Like rubbernecking at accidents isn't bad enough!

So what better tribute to someone who died in a car crash than to set up a distraction that should inevitably cause another crash? Nice job!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Revisionist bullshit

This article about a film on atomic bombing survivors dishonors the memories of Holocaust victims and survivors with this line:

The uncomfortable footage of cities reduced to rubble and grotesquely deformed survivors has received relatively little circulation because -- unlike the well-recorded Holocaust -- this was something done by Americans, Sheila Nevins, head of HBO's documentary unit, said.

As well as dishonoring victims of the Holocaust, it insults the Americans who fought World War II. The bombings are on the moral level with the unfathomable acts of genocide perpetrated by the Nazis? Anyone who thinks that either had terrible education or is simply a complete moron.

The Holocaust was genocide, carried out on a previously unimaginable scale. It was inflicted upon people because of their minority status, not because they were combatants or even residents of an enemy city. It was a systematic effort to murder people of certain religion, ethnicity, etc., wiping out whole peoples forever.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacks against enemy cities designed to bring the Empire of Japan to its knees (a nation known for fine accomplishments like the Rape of Nanking, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the enslavement and murder of countless civilians in the countries it invaded, the brutal murder of POWs... the list goes on and on). Were civilians killed? Certainly. Civilians also were killed in the bombings of London, Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg, Stalingrad and many, many other cities. War is a nasty, horrible thing, and the warring countries bombed each other's cities in an effort to do sufficient damage to shift the balance in their favor.

Think Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bad? Take a look at the death toll from the fire bombings of Tokyo not long before (by one estimate, 83,000 dead in one night, and that number may be conservative). That was a higher number than each of the atomic bomb blasts killed, and those people often died slower, more agonizing deaths than the people in the cities hit by atomic bombs. Of course, being on the receiving end of any of this isn't a good thing. The point is that it all was done with the same goal: to win the war.

That's not what the Nazi Germans were doing to the Jews and others. Those acts had nothing to do with winning the war. They were simply barbaric mass murders.

I'm just glad the Japanese didn't call our bluff and wait to see if we had any more atomic bombs, because we didn't. We would have made more, of course, but that would have taken a while. For right then, when we were trying to avoid the need to invade Japan, we were out of them. If they had called our bluff, it would have meant many more American casualties, and, in all probability, many more Japanese casualties as we went on bombing their cities to ash.

HBO's Sheila Nevins and the CNN people who put her assertion in the story should be ashamed of themselves. What a slander on the people who brought that horrific war to an end! I just hope the film that led to the article is more sensible in its view.

Friday, August 03, 2007

What a horse!

This is an amazing video of an amazing animal. It's worth watching, and she just keeps getting better as the performance continues!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My every bridge-crossing fear come true (except that I wasn't on it)

I was going to say that I was making up the word "daymare," but it's actually in

Throughout my life, I've had many little daymares while crossing bridges. Living on an island, bridges are a part of life. Still, there was always this little worry that one could collapse with me on it. Given the size of many of our suspension bridges around here, the fall alone, buckled in or not, would likely be fatal. If not, drowning would be a real possibility.

Still, despite occasional spectacular failures, like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, I've lived comfortably with the thought that the chances of a modern bridge collapsing with cars on it, plunging them into a river, was extremely unlikely. Sort of like nervousness about flying. Could something happen? Sure, anything can happen, but it's very unlikely, so why worry about it?

Now comes this...

That, Ladies and Germs, is what remains of the Interstate 35W bridge across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. During rush hour tonight, it collapsed. Fortunately, pieces of the roadbed seem to have stayed out of the water, but, sadly, not all of it. There are fatalities, and divers are searching in the water. What a mess! I just hope there are no other victims under that mess. What a sad day!