Monday, March 28, 2011

We interrupt our France trip (yes, again)...

We'll get back to France. But first, a few local photos. Why local photos? Because we just got a new camera. No, not a new SLR. Instead, it's time for a new "point & shoot" camera. I did a lot of research, shared what I learned with Marc, and we chose the Canon PowerShot S95...

We got the camera yesterday, and then we went to Huntington to get haircuts, followed by lunch. We grabbed lunch at a Greek restaurant, and it was great. More importantly, the light in the restaurant was pretty crappy for photos, so it gave us a good chance to see how the new camera really performs.

The restaurant

My date

He got the camera away from me

I got a hummus appetizer--forgot to take a shot before most was gone!

Silly Marc got a salad!

Marc got chicken souvlaki for his entree, and I got a beef gyro. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before it was too late...

For dessert, health food! (Well, chocolate's good for you!)

Check out the color in that last shot (click on it for a better view; and even that is a reduced size, as full-size is quite large, the camera being 10 megapixel). If you're into photography, you know how difficult lighting is in a setting like this. Harsh overhead fluorescents, the lights in the case... nothing here says "good photo," but it looks great! So far, I'm very pleased with this camera. No camera like this can be like an SLR, but it really does a great job and will be great for those times when we want to be able to take some photos but don't want to lug a big, heavy SLR.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to France

I'm such a bad blogger these days. But I love my blog. So let's get back to the flower market in Nice!

I look at this and imagine living there and doing my food shopping in this market.

Yummy tomatoes!

Check out these beautiful avocados!

Just looking at these makes my mouth water!

The famous Socca stand

Famous? Well, so it seems. Every travel show we watched while preparing for the trip showed this stand.

So how was it? Dunno. We didn't have any. Maybe another time. :)