Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Excuse me, Mr. Knight, may I polish your sword?

As I already mentioned, we went to see Spamalot this weekend. One of the actors was of particular interest. When I saw him, playing Sir Galahad, I wondered, "who is that strapping young man?" They had his hair rather long for the part--not really in a style that did much for me--but I could overlook that, as he appeared to be a tall, handsome, nicely built hunk of man.

I didn't know his name at the time (looking in the Playbill might have helped, I suppose), but I decided to look into him when I had a moment. In doing such research, I like to see if there's any evidence that he might be on the team, so to speak. ;) It doesn't matter if I could ever have a shot at him (especially since Marc would be pretty miffed if I tried)--it's just a nice thought when someone like this likes boys, too.

Well, before I got a chance to do a little research on him, I sat down with my new issue of The Advocate. And what should I see, under the title "Knight Moves"? Yes, the very same strapping young man. His name is Christopher Sieber, and he is most definitely a member of the team. The article mentions that he met his partner of five years when he was in a previous show. (Another interview--and photo--of him can be found here.)

I know it shouldn't matter, but somehow it just makes life a little nicer when someone yummy likes to play with boys. :)


Jeff said...

Oh, I do love Christopher Sieber. Check out this Times article from a while back about his island cabin. (And the audio slide show for more photos.)

Greg said...

Chirstopher is quite the hottie. Two years ago, some friends and I had breakfast with him, his boyfriend, and the event organizers at Gay Days at Disneyland. He's a nice guy, too.

Jess said...

Greg, I am soooooo envious. I don't suppose you got an e-mail, so I can send him some sappy fanmail, did you? :)