Monday, May 16, 2005

On the market

We did it. Tonight, we met with the real estate broker and signed the papers. He suggested what seemed like a good asking price, one that will bring us the best money we can get while not being so high that it will slow things down and/or limit interest. So the "old" house is now on the market.

I hope it sells fast. Starting next month, we're paying two mortgages (not to mention payments on lines of credit we took out on the old house to pay for renovating the new one). Even if I get a new job soon (oh please!), it'll still be too much to handle without dipping into savings.

So our broker has scheduled a "broker's open house" for this Friday, to be followed shortly thereafter by a public open house. He thinks we may be able to get some quick interest, since the house has been very well maintained, we did a lot of improvements, etc., and the market is still pretty good.

Wish us luck! :)


SAMerican Revolution said...

[crossing fingers]

Mr. H.K. said...

Good luck with it. The market is still great right now!

Bruce said...

Good luck!
Bake some cookies or a pie just before potential buyers visit. It's evil, but it can't hoit!