Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pleasure in just relaxing

It's a slow day for me. Marc has to work (and that really sucks--he's actually at the same conference center that Michael was at earlier this week), so my options are limited. I went and ran some errands this morning. I had the a/c contractors back in to address an issue with the central air (all seems to be well now), and our painter is back, finishing work he hadn't gotten to before.

At the moment, I'm just sitting on my butt, typing this and watching Real Genius, a 1985 movie that has always held some special appeal for me. I'm not sure what the appeal is, but Marc thinks it's because Val Kilmer's character is a smartass much like me.

So here I sit, just relaxing. I know it's hard to imagine that someone with my Adonis-like physique could just sit and do nothing, but there it is. :) All in all, not a bad day so far. I have the plantation shutters open, and the sun is pouring in. I'd open the windows, but my allergies already are killing me, so I don't need a fresh burst of tree pollen!

I'm also watching some people move in across the street; apparently, we're getting new neighbors. I hope they're nice.

Just sitting here doing nothing. Getting laid would be far more fun, but, lacking that alternative at the moment, this is definitely a relaxing way to spend some time. :)


Faustus, MD said...

Oh, my God, I love Real Genius!

Jess said...

You're obviously a man of great taste and intelligence, but I knew that already.