Friday, May 06, 2005

Okay, I admit it

Several weeks ago, TunaGirl mentioned her fear of buttons. At the time, my reaction was, "why be afraid of something that can't hurt you?" So I have an admission.

Bugs. I can't stand bugs. If they're at a safe distance, that's fine, but I don't want to be in contact with them, not even the harmless ones.

We have a lush little piece of land here, and various animals--and insects--exist happily on our suburban plot of land. Not being fans of chemicals to "control" the insects, they generally have little to fear from us--but we do prefer that they remain outside the house. On occasion, one or more will wander into our home.

This morning, some ants decided that they found the dogs' water bowl (which is inside the house) attractive. I don't even know how they found it in the first place. These weren't even the teeny little ants. No, these were the larger ones. Hard to say their exact size, but they were HUGE. Okay, maybe not. Maybe I just don't like them.

So, being the do-no-harm humanitarian animal lover that I am, I made careful observations of the ants clinging to the water bowl. Then I took action, after briefly explaining to the ants that it was "nothing personal, just business."

Little did I know that others would avenge their fallen comrades. Yes, before I knew it, I found one crawling up my arm!!! Eek!!! Eek!!! Eek!!!

I defended myself, of course, but now I'll be feeling little tickles/twitchings all day. You see, the invisible ants are the worst kind!


SAMerican Revolution said...

Show no mercy. Show 'em who's boss. One good stomp and the others will learn.

Tuna Girl said...

Ummm, thanks a lot for that link. Yeah. Thanks. But I should point out that I'm more grossed out by those clothes fastening things than afraid of them.

And those big ants will bite ya. Be careful. Do you need to borrow my combat boot?

Behave this weekend! ;-)

Skippy said...

DEF found a tick on him last week, and said he felt like things were crawling on him all day...thanks to the dog - I can't wait for the flea and tick medicine to get here!