Wednesday, May 25, 2005

That fast?

As you may know, we've been living in our new house for a couple of months. After getting the old house just how we wanted it, we put it on the market. It was listed last Tuesday with an asking price we came to, with the help of the broker, after much discussion and comparison to other houses being sold in the area.

It seemed like a fair price, but it was also a little higher than what we thought it would actually sell for. That's the way the game is played. Our broker, who is someone we've known for years and is a real pro, had a goal of getting a price for us that was within ten thousand dollars of the asking price.

Well, our efforts to have a nice house and get it "just so" before listing it seemed to be paying off, since we got a lot of interest in just the first few days. Not only individuals looked, but other brokers who saw it kept bringing back clients, since they seemed to like the house. One broker told our broker that our house "blew away" another house he had listed down the block.

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from our broker. He has an offer that's only four thousand less than the asking price. The people have mortgage pre-approval and will be putting a very healthy 20% down. Just one week, and it looks like we have a deal.

It appears that my fear of carrying two mortgages for many months is unfounded. These people even want to close fast. This thing might be done in the next thirty days!

Now the last bit of work--moving the rest of our stuff out of there. Anybody want to come help? There's free food and drinks in it for you! :)


Jase said...

Awesome! And the pieces fall into place.

You know, it's normally the lack of cardboard boxes in the backyard that seals the deal.


David said...

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. I hope they take the offer and you get closed.

When we purchased our house, we were so excited, that we sped up the process to exactly 30 days. We looked at the house on April 15th and closed one month later on May 15th,

SAMerican Revolution said...

I wonder if you waited a couple/few weeks if you couldn't get more money... Hmmmm.

In any case, it'll be great to have that burden lifted, right? Congrats Jess.

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

If your other half does the cooking, I'll come help!