Monday, May 30, 2005

Go Blue Jays!

I got my BA at Johns Hopkins (properly, "The Johns Hopkins University"). As you may know, Hopkins' flagship sports team is its Division I lacrosse team. When I attended, we could still say the following: from the time that the collegiate lacrosse championships began, no class had gone through Hopkins without seeing at least one championship win. Sometimes more.

Since my years there, we lost the ability to say that. In fact, the last championship win was in 1987, when I was a junior. That is, until today!

I never played lacrosse, but I was photography editor of the school newspaper, so I spent a lot of time photographing the games. I got some great shots in those days, and I have some fond memories (including some blurry memories of parties with some of the lacrosse players).

Anyhow, today, Hopkins won the championship. It's a nice feeling of pride. Despite the school's stellar academic reputation (and the fact that that's what really matters), there's still something fun and uplifting about the lacrosse team taking home a championship once again.


Mr. H.K. said...

I went to Towson, also a big lacrosse school. And damn if lacrosse isn't one of the most underrated games in this country. It's an awesome sport. It really is.

Bruce said...

"As you may know..." Nope. I thought Johns Hopkins was just a hospital! ;-P