Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I want a new pillow

Weeks ago, I decided that I needed a new pillow. I also decided that this was a luxury to which I would treat myself when I got a new job. Recently, I stopped Marc from getting me a new one, even when he told me he had a gift card he needed to use at Fortunoff's, so why not get me a pillow? Nope. No new pillow until I get a new job!

Today, I had two more interviews as part of the process for trying to get this job I want. I've mentioned it before--HR Director for a big, prestigious hospital in the city. Lots of competition for the job from the very start, but I'm a finalist.

I don't know if I'll get the job, but I've sure had to go through a very long process. Anyhow, I'm hoping for a new pillow in the near future!

On another, semi-related topic... there are so many gorgeous men in Manhattan! I don't know what drives that. Maybe they start somewhere else and wind up there, to make the most of their looks and bodies. Maybe there's more pressure to work out and look your best in NYC. I don't know, but every time I go into Manhattan, I see some truly gorgeous specimens.

Today, after the second interview, I was walking by the emergency room entrance when a paramedic walked out. He was about 6'2" tall, I'd guess around 200 pounds of solid muscle, blond hair, handsome face. *drool*

What does that have to do with pillows? Come on! Isn't it obvious? Well, I'm more of a top than a bottom, but one look at him and I was more than ready to do some pillow biting! ;)

On that note, I think I'll go let the dogs out (since they still refuse to use the toilet).


T. Johnston said...

I love gnawing down on a pillow:) I'm just saying!

orbicon perpendaplex said...

I have an extra pillow just for *those* situations. Perhaps you should go out and buy 2 new pillows: one to sleep on and one to bite down on.

Will said...

What a sex pig you are. I KNEW I liked you! :-)

Scott said...

Oh my Lord. You SO need a camera phone.

Bruce said...

1) I can so relate to this whole "denial of new things until a goal is accomplished" thing - though I often influence John not to do the same.
2) Good luck on the interview, Jess!
3) Oh, it is spring. And lemme tell ya, working on the Plaza is fabu. And working in a store that sells a product that beautiful people want is even fabu-er. 'Cuz they ask me questions!

Anonymous said...

The Paramedic sounds hot!

David said...

This is too freaking funny. I hope you get a new pillow to bite on before long. :)