Saturday, April 30, 2005


That was a blast! Marc and I went to see Spamalot today, in the company of Nancy, Byrne, Hugo, Wayne, John and Jose.

Broadway shows are very expensive, and I often find myself feeling like the shows aren't worth what they cost. In this case, we had a great time.

Granted, I knew much of the material from having seen various Monty Python productions. There was a lot taken from Holy Grail, as well as bits from other films and some new stuff, too.

I won't share too much here, partly so I don't spoil it for people who will be going but more because I just couldn't do it justice. We had a wonderful time, and that's what matters.


Wayne said...

I totally want to be The Lady of the Lake after seeing the show.

I mean, she has an amazing pipe!!

MzOuiser said...

I would hate you all, if it wasn't for Hank Azaria spanking me. ;)

I will see that show someday, dammit.

myke said...

i heard you guys were going . glad it was a great show. looking way forward to seeing y'all in nyc at the end of this coming week!!!

PatCH said...

Glad to hear you boys had a good time at the show. Sorry we couldn't make it, but at least Hugo and Wayne managed to benefit from it!