Thursday, April 28, 2005

That makes for a fun train ride

I went into the city for another interview today. As I stepped on the train at Merrick, I looked to the right. Several seats were open. Then I looked to the left. Not so many seats open on the left. So I went to the left.

Why? Well, when I looked to the left, I saw that six of the seats were taken up by NYC Police Academy Recruits. There was the cute one sleeping across from where I found a seat. Then there was another cute boy who was wide awake--he and I exchanged smiles several times, but I'd guess he was thinking something like "that guy's impressed by my cadet uniform and glad we're all here to keep him safe," as opposed to "that guy would like to suck me until my head caves in." ;)

There were a couple of older, rougher looking guys. Then another regular looking guy. Finally, there was the guy who looked like a cross between Tom Cruise from his All the Right Moves days and Matt Damon. He wasn't gorgeous--not like he got all the best of those two--but he had a strong, handsome face that definitely made me want to play with his nightstick!

All in all, if our train car had crashed on a remote desert island, I wouldn't have minded a bit keeping these young men satisfied. :)

(Note to Bokey: The above paragraph was hyperbole, meant for literary effect. Of course I'd mind terribly! I'd spend all my time fighting to keep them from making me service them. I'd be screaming, "No! Keep your hot young bodies away from me! I only want my Bokey!")


Matt_Sweet said...

"I want to suck you until your head caves in."

I think thatis the best pick-up line ever.

Jase said...

I love trains.

I love men.

I love cadets.

All I can say about that hyperbole is.. uh oh... (is the bbq still on?)


obliquity said...


ruggerjohnnyd said...

I have seen those cadets... almost as yummy as fireman!

paulintally said...

Why do you think I chose to take the train in next week instead of a cab from JFK? There is a reason for my madness.