Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, isn't that comforting?

Wrap Protecting Vital Equipment From Fire in Atom Plants Is Unsafe, U.S. Agency Says

"A material being used at 4 nuclear reactors in New York and 10 others around the country to prevent fire damage to vital equipment would shrink during a fire and expose the equipment to unacceptable amounts of heat, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission."

Lovely. It gets better. This material was used to replace another material that was judged inadequate after problems were discovered 13 years ago.

"'If we were smarter we would have not allowed this stuff to be used in the first place,' Brian W. Sheron, associate director of the project licensing and technical analysis office of the commission, said in an interview on Tuesday."

So, clearly, this issue was not an easy problem to find or it would have been noticed sooner. And what special testing found the problem?

"The commission was prompted to study Hemyc, Mr. Sheron said, when an inspector noticed that it did not look much different from other material being replaced. Hemyc is made of a silicon and a ceramic."

When an inspector noticed that it did not look much different???

People, please. What happened to common sense? If that's all it took, why did this take so long?

Next, we'll be going to war with countries that did nothing to us to provoke it.

Oh yeah. Never mind.

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