Monday, April 18, 2005

More reasons to love the new house

Our new home, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, is bigger than the old one. This afternoon, Marc didn't feel great at the office, so he brought work home. As I watched some TV, did some laundry and otherwise puttered around the house (the life of an unemployed person), he was out in the sunroom, getting work done in a nice, relaxing environment.

As I walked through the kitchen, I was treated to this glimpse of part of the sunroom:

It really made me feel good. I know, I know--big deal, so it's another room. But it really is more than that. It's a room that was remodeled to our specifications, as was the rest of the house. It's one of a number of rooms that we can work in, play in, relax in and entertain in.

This is a house made to serve our needs, and these little things really make life seem better.


Scott said...

I've always wanted a sunroom. With windows on three sides and a fireplace on the remaining wall, I want it to be decorated in white, light brown, and lilac (that's not gay, is it?). I want it to have lots of plants and a potter's wheel, because ceramics will become my newest hobby once I own a home with a sunroom.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're enjoying your new house :-)

Tuna Girl said...

We have a sunroom. It is filled bottom to top with kids' toys.


Someday they'll go to college.

Tuna Girl said...

Oh! And I meant to say that I find that picture and this post absolutley adorable.

epicurist said...

Such a reflective and intimate photo. Very sweet.

Isn't it nice when your home is full of the things you want: comfort and love?

Jase said...

Talk about peeping toms and invasion of privacy!

I hope your bathrooms are like this too ;)