Thursday, April 14, 2005

A wonderful program

My undergraduate alma mater, The Johns Hopkins University*, recently announced a new program called the "Baltimore Scholars" Program, announced last June. Hopkins is located in Baltimore, a city with more than its share of poverty, crime and related problems. This makes academic achievement something to be celebrated and supported, perhaps even more than in areas like my home, Long Island, where most kids have a far easier time of it.

Hopkins just announced that they have offered 30 "Baltimore Scholars" full-tuition scholarships. As someone who believes in the value of a quality education, I'm proud of Hopkins.

Around here, we pay tons of taxes for our schools. While I'm not thrilled to pay so much (our property tax bill is over $7,000 a year, the majority of which goes to the schools), I don't complain. Even though I have no children, I think it's the duty of all American citizens to help support and build the society that has allowed us to have these good lives of ours. That means supporting education for all (so we won't have people in positions of power who can't pronounce the word nuclear).

I think it's especially important to make sure the best and brightest get excellent higher educations, so that they can make the most of the gifts they've been given. When a bright kid can't go to a good school because of the cost, that's a tragedy.

So, bravo Hopkins! I hope more schools follow this example, because our federal government isn't concerned about any of this!


*Yes, it's "The Johns Hopkins University", not Johns Hopkins University. That's one of those esoteric little things they like you to pick up when you're there. :)


Knottyboy said...

It's so heart warming to see an institution of learning leading instead of what america has sorely incorporated into everyday, mediocrity. Our country is going to need the [as you say] best and brightest to help clean up the mess of 8 years of bush. Investing in the minds of tomorrow, wonderful. More should take an example.

Mr. H.K. said...

I went to Towson, down the street. Hi naybor.

Mr. H.K. said...

That, was, before I moved to New York and got my Masters at Columbia....

Jess said...


I, too, came here for grad school. I went to law school right here near home.