Saturday, April 23, 2005

Such a good boy

Today, we ran some errands and then spent a number of hours cleaning up the old house. The best part is that we had help. This handsome young man came out here to help us.

He helped me get the living room cleared out, so I could vacuum and shampoo the carpet. He broke up the cardboard boxes we had accumulated on the back deck. He helped Marc move a chair down from upstairs. He loaded boxes into the Explorer, and he picked up the Belgian blocks we had near the garage and loaded those into the truck, too (and those are heavy).

We all did lots of work, but Marc and I have to do it. Jase doesn't. He's just being a good friend.

We took Jase to dinner, and then Marc had a homemade dessert (a Key Lime Pie) made when we got home. Right now, Jase and Marc are comparing notes on the website for Marc's company. Jase is very knowledgeable, and this is just another bonus to having him here. Not that we wouldn't love to have him here just to hang out with us, but he's being so helpful--it's just very nice of him.

Maybe I can give him a nice shoulder rub as added thanks for all his help. ;) He's just a good guy. If I had a gay brother to set him up with, that would be perfect!


Jase said...

lol! A post about me! Yay!

Hot Toddy said...

I think I am getting a crush on Jase. I feel so dirty. And so old.