Friday, April 22, 2005

Well, at least they're trying to get it fixed

The sound from our Bose sound system is fabulous! Well, at least in the two rooms where it isn't malfunctioning. *sigh*

They think one of the amplifiers is defective, and it's going to take a little time to get it replaced. At least the front room--where the TV is located--is working perfectly. That's the surround sound part of the system.

The other rooms have issues. I said it isn't malfunctioning in two rooms (out of four that are hooked into the system). Actually, that's not quite true.

In the sunroom, it's working, but there's a slight noise when nothing's playing (the boss from the installation company calls it "motorboating" and that's a good description--that's the pattern the sound has, an idling boat motor--thankfully, a very quiet one). Actually, the noise is there when there is music playing, but it's too slight to be a bother.

In the other two rooms, the motorboating noise is there, too, but the real problem is that when I turn it on, it plays for a few seconds and then shuts down.

"Frustrating" doesn't really describe this. This is a very expensive system, and I was glad to hear the installation company boss say that very thing when he heard my frustration. "You paid a lot of money for this system. It should work right."

I know they'll get it fixed, and it sounds fabulous when it works. I just wish it all worked right. They're trying to rush the new equipment and get it installed. In the meantime, my irritation is mounting.

Hey, at least it's a distraction from being unemployed. ;)

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T. Johnston said...

I feel your pain! I get pissy whenever NEW stuff does not work properly. Its aweful... but on the upside it's Bode and they back their shit well. No worries!