Thursday, April 21, 2005

Emotions and energy

Emotions have a profound impact on the rest of one's being. I know this, but it doesn't stop it from having this same effect on me. I can't seem to will it away. As I've mentioned, ad nauseum, I'm looking for a new job.

Two days ago, I had a second interview for a job I'd really, really like to have. By that evening, I was second-guessing one or two of my answers and otherwise agonizing over my chances to get the job--a job for which I can be sure hundreds of people applied.

By this morning, I was once again just a bit depressed, not so much due to worry over this particular job but, rather, due to my overall situation. Frankly, being unemployed is frightening (unless you're one of the fortunate few for whom money isn't a concern).

Then I spoke to a colleague. This is a colleague to whom I knew the person who interviewed me on Tuesday would be speaking. This morning, I was told that I not only remained in the running but was actually liked by the prospective boss.

Before I start jumping for joy, I have to bear a couple of things in mind. First, I was told in this same chat this morning that there are several other candidates being considered. Second, even if I pass this stage, I'd still be interviewed by some other senior people before I might hear a job offer--or not, if any of them don't like me.

Despite all of these potential roadblocks, it was wonderful to hear that I made a good impression. So now we get back to the impact emotions can have.

I had to be out early this morning, taking the Explorer to the Ford dealer for some service around 7am. By the time 9am rolled around, I was thinking that I might go take a nap, since I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and was feeling tired.

Now that I've heard this good news, I feel energized. I'm going to go get Marc's car gassed up and then washed (he was saying this morning that he wants to have it washed, so I'll go have that done for him). Then I'm going up to Great Neck to get a final sign-off from the superintendent of what was my grandmother's building, so I can get the escrow money back (held in case we damaged anything in the move out), and then I think I'll swing past the library for some books.

I was worried and feeling tired. Then I got some good news, and now I'm going to head out and enjoy the sunshine. Funny how that works!


Andy said...

I am right there with you! They told me they would let me know about this job I want by the end of this week. Ay...noon on Thursday, I'm biting my nails. The interviews went well and I have a good feeling about it, but doubt and despair are always just around the corner. I so DESPERATELY want to get out of my current temp position that if I don't get this slot I may have to just quit.

Greg said...

Keeping my fingers crossed about the job! I hope all goes well....

Knottyboy said...

Seems like we have so much control of our lives and then we get thinking that all is helpless or hopeless. One simple glimmer of possibility brings us back from the dead. I wish I could do this everyday, at least I would be happier. Good luck hon,

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Best wishes on the new job! Also, unemployed or not, BUY books!!!!!