Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Things could be worse

Well, of course things could be worse. Given the crap I went through last year (losing my Mom and grandmother), this stuff is small potatoes. Even so, frustration abounds.

Yesterday, I had a telephone interview with the HR VP of a large company--one of the interviews I mentioned in my prior post. As was previously requested by the headhunter, I called him after I got done with the VP. He was not available to take my call. He remained so all evening (not that I tried too many times--I don't want to seem desperate) and didn't make contact today. So that's a worry. Not necessarily a problem but not a good sign, either.

Today, I went for my second interview at one of the other places that might be a really good place to work. The guy interviewing me was their Recruitment Director. He was a very hard read, and I thought he might not like me. I know what you're thinking--that's not possible! How can anyone not like Jess? You're right, in theory--I'm downright loveable. :) Even so, these things can happen.

That worry was brushed aside when I heard back from the placement firm that set me up with this opportunity. I was told, "I have good news, and..." (we all know what comes next) "...I have bad news. The good news is that they both liked you." The "both" would be the guy this morning and the Corporate HR Director who interviewed me last week. "The bad news is that they haven't been able to get budget approval to fill the slot." He added, "if they get approval, I think the job is yours."

Unfortunately, I was warned not to hold my breath, as they had no idea when (if ever) they may get that approval. In the meantime, the search continues. I know it's good that I'm getting this level of interest, but the whole process (and the reality of being unemployed) remains unnerving!

On a happier note, Marc and I confirmed tonight that our new soaking tub does indeed hold two people very comfortably. ;) After that, we made sure two people could move around (and do other things) nicely in the new shower. For the record, giving a blowjob under a "rain" shower head is lots of fun. It gives that whole water flowing over us thing, but it's a wide enough spray that breathing isn't an issue (well, assuming you have the skills to breathe with a full mouth, but any gay man worth his salt can do that). ;)

I can still see him in front of me, thrusting his hips, as his hard... oh, never mind. No need to get too graphic this evening, but I do love my studly man. There's no one I'd rather molest in my lovely new bath and shower! :)


Anonymous said...

"How can anyone not like Jess?"

My thoughts exactly. Good luck with your job search!

Jalal said...

can I have the tub delivered?


obliquity said...

If two people fit 'very comfortably', one has to wonder how three people would get along? :-)

As for the shower thing, I'm speechless (I'm sure you can relate.) *g*