Saturday, November 22, 2008

That was fun!

Last night, we went to see Blueprint: An Assignment. Our friend, Patrick*, was one of the writers and stars. When we hang out with him, we always enjoy his company, but I think we tend to forget how much creative talent is wrapped up in this man.

He danced, he sang (Summertime, in what I think was an improvised moment) and he acted. He really was terrific.

His troupe is performing in a small space on what, no doubt, is a shoestring budget. After the show, I told Patrick that I wasn't sure what to expect when we decided to see the show. He laughed, but it really was true. I didn't know what we would be seeing.

Happily, it was entertaining, eclectic and uplifting. For anyone in the area who has a little time to spare tomorrow night, along with a mere $15, get yourself over to (the Six Figures Theater Company at) The West End Theater, tomorrow (Sunday) night at 8pm. The address is 263 West 86th Street. The 1 train stops right on the corner, so it really couldn't be much easier to reach.


*I feel a little silly writing, "our friend Patrick." Yes, he's most definitely our friend. It's just that we have a number of friends named Patrick. I'm not sure how that happened, but all of our friends Patrick are wonderful. We love them all, and we're fortunate to have them in our lives!


Patrick said...

It was so wonderful having you guys there last night, and getting to show you a glimpse of the stuff I do (you're not alone in 'not knowing what to expect', by the way. To be frank, I'm not always sure what it is I do).

It's an honor and a privilege to be one of the many Patricks in your lives.

Melissa said...

Hi Jess! I responded to your note on Patrick's blog - but I wanted to jump over and say hello officially -

Patrick had mentioned that you two would be joining us, but since I had never met you, little did I know that I walked straight at you two as I began climbing on the chairs! (yes friends, Jess was very right in not knowing what to expect!) However, though I wasn't sure who you were, I knew, because of the way a performer's instinct works.... that you were really hearing us -
Thank you.

Greg said...

All these great accounts of the show are making me a little : ( that I was stuck working all weekend.

But I'm psyched to hear it went well and you had fun...sounds like it was a terrific night's entertainment (plus, of course, drinks, food, and Patrick live and in person!)!

Jess said...

Patrick: Thank you for being one of the Patricks! :) And thanks for a fun evening! It was right up there with taking you back to our room on Cape Cod! ;)

Melissa: Welcome to the blog, and I loved your chair climbing! It was great!

Greg: It would have been great to have seen you. Perhaps next time!