Monday, November 24, 2008

I meant well!

We just subscribed to Cooking Light magazine. We had picked up a copy in Penn Station, and we liked a lot of what was in there.

As part of the online subscription process, I was given the option of signing up for various e-mail lists, including one that's a recipe-a-day mailing. Today, I received this recipe for Potato, Corn, and Leek Chowder. I forwarded the recipe to my in-house chef (also known as my hubby Marc), and I was looking forward to his making it.

Little did I know that it would be so labor intensive! He's been working on it for hours! The poor man! It looked like a relatively easy recipe, but I clearly had no idea what I was looking at.

I shot a few photos of the chowder fixings, but Smugmug isn't cooperating tonight (they're having some kind of technical issues). If I can, I'll add them to this post another time.

The one bit of good news is that Marc says it tastes fabulous (I haven't sampled it yet, but I'm sure he's right). With that said, I still feel guilty for causing him all of this work! And I was at a dinner event again tonight, so I couldn't even help!

Smugmug (my photo site) seems to be working again, so here are a few photos from Marc's creation process last night:

Sauteed leeks, celery and bell pepper

Corn kernels, freshly removed from the ears

Carving up the potatoes


tornwordo said...

That coulda been a Lucy episode.

It better have been yummy.

ATG said...

You'll have to pay him back.

Jess said...

torn: It's wonderful! (In fact, I just added a post about it.)

ATG: You're right. Any ideas for how I could do that? ;)

ATG said...

I think you should tuck him in... ;b