Saturday, November 01, 2008


Okay, not quite, but I'm home along tonight. Marc has a black tie event for work. I could have gone. In fact, some of his colleagues asked, "is Jess going to be there tonight?" But we decided a while ago that he'd go solo tonight. I think it was a financial decision, if memory serves. In any case, this evening he's out alone.

Before he left, I took a picture of him in his tux...

Doesn't he look handsome?

Now, remember in my post about the charity dog walk when I mentioned how smashing the orange thingie looked on Mandy? Well, here are some photos...

Doesn't she look friendly and cooperative?

You're seeing a genuine Mandy look in that last photo. If anyone ever tells you Labs are mushy and sweet all the time, ask them if they've met Mandy. On the other hand, Mandy isn't pure Labrador. Maybe it's the mix! Might be something like bull terrier, and that would explain a lot. She's usually sweet, but she can get pissy when she wants to!

Not to be outdone, in fashion sense or being uncooperative, here's Dodger...

And last but not least, here's Bernice...

Bernice had removed her orange thingie by the time this was taken

That's what I've got for you tonight. Perhaps I'll continue the rugby photos soon, if anyone's interested!

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tornwordo said...

So much love in your house. Sniff.

Thanks for your kind words on Sara.