Friday, November 28, 2008

Disgusting humanity

When a crowd of starving people stampedes toward food, or a crowd of frightened people stampedes to try to get out a burning building, those things are sad but understandable. But when a crowd stampedes and kills a man, all in the name of getting a good deal on some Christmas gifts, that is just nauseating. Feel free to read the article I linked, but prepare to be completely disgusted.

The part of our county in which this happened is a relatively trashy area--and the mall is, arguably, the trashiest mall around--but I fear this kind of repulsive behavior could happen almost anywhere, if the circumstances were right.

What a sad day.


ATG said...

I completely agree.
What a bunch of greedy losers.

Greg said...

I agree, too. Unfortunately, the holidays have turned into one big merchandising scheme. I'm surprised more of this hasn't happened.