Friday, November 14, 2008

On with the (rugby) show

Time to start sharing photos from the last match of the season...

No chicken legs on that man!

I don't have as many photos as usual from this last match, so I'll hold it there, just so I can get at least one more post out of these! :)


Dantallion said...

Is it a gay league or simply a gay team (or neither)?

Jess said...

Dan: Our team (Gotham--in blue & gold) is a gay team. There are a few straight guys on the team, but 90% are gay. Sometimes, we play other gay teams, generally in special tournaments. The Bingham Cup is all gay teams--that was the event that took us to Dublin earlier this year. So if you look back at those photos from a few months ago (searching for "Bingham" on here should do it), those are all gay teams.

You know, if you come visit during the season, we could go to a match and I'd be glad to introduce you to some of the boys. ;)