Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Zay Harding

Yay! One of the cable channels is doing a Globe Trekker marathon. I first watched this series because I love travel and generally enjoy travel shows. What really grabbed my attention in one particular episode was a man named Zay Harding, as some of you with exceptional memories (because I mentioned it a long time ago) may recall. Happily, I see that at least one episode in this marathon includes Mr. Harding.

Zay, you gorgeous man, as far as I know, you're straight. Still, I hope you enjoy knowing that there's a gay man (gay couple, in fact, since Marc enjoyed your work when we last saw you) who is a fan. Now if we could just get you to bat for our team, the world would be a better place! *wink*

One last thing, Zay. Even if you're straight (and some of our best friends are--we are very accepting of their strange lifestyle; they can't help if it they were born that way), you need to come by so I can shoot a few decent photos of you! I don't know who has been doing your photos, but their is a dearth of decent photos of you online. That's just not right for such a handsome man!

For the rest of you reading this, here are a couple of photos (such as they are) of Zay Harding:

A tiny but sexy photo of Zay

Apparently in a jungle somewhere

Scruffy, windblown Zay (rafting, it appears)

Okay, we're now watching Zay in New Zealand. In this episode, his hair in long and blond. I guess I can adjust to that. For now, I'll just sit here and hope he takes his shirt off in this episode! :)

Alright everyone, now you know what to get me for a holiday gift (Zay, can we rent you?), and I'm sure you know where to tie the ribbon! ;)

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ATG said...

Phooey! I missed it. I'm an Ian Wright fan. I love how he's always tying one on in whatever country he's in.
"Ok this is the local drink of the ______ tribe in ________. I'm going to give it a go, eh?"
*Ian drinks and makes an Ian face*
"Ohhhhh, that's really strong...but good eh?"
*looks at indigenous people, smiles, and nods*
1 hour passes.
Ian is tipsy in yet another is good. :)