Thursday, February 24, 2005

Something I would do

I just saw an article on CNN's site about a Canadian couple killed by the recent tsunami. In addition to their remains, their camera was found.

When the camera was checked, photos were found of the tidal flats being exposed (due to the water rushing out to sea before the tsunami arrived), the tsunami approaching in the distance and then the wave just before in hit the beach and killed them.

There probably was nothing these poor people could have done to get out of the way in time--that's not my point. I was just thinking that this would be like me. A killer wave would be rushing toward me, and all I would be thinking was, "these should be some great shots!" Well, I guess they would be, for all the good that would do! Now that I have a digital camera, I'd probably be reviewing them on the little screen on the back of the camera as the wave swept me away!

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Jase said...

It's the love of the sublime. Like storm chasing. I enjoy that too, but normally on the couch watching it on the tele.