Saturday, February 26, 2005

BTK: Not a new sandwich from Burger King

A while back, when he resurfaced (and began sending letters to let the world know he was still around), I learned about the BTK killer. It was of particular interest to me, because he had terrorized Wichita, Kansas, where Marc grew up. When I first read about BTK, I asked Marc about this guy.

The moment I spoke the letters BTK, I saw (of course) instant recognition and loathing on Marc's face. Marc told me about this murderous bastard who the police hadn't managed to catch. Having lived through the days of the Son of Sam here in New York, I could relate to the fear that must have run through Wichita.

So, with today's arrest, there's reason to celebrate. This is particularly comforting, as I had recently read an article that said such killers, when they resurface, tend to eventually go back to killing. Fortunately, the police arrested someone before the killing started again. I have to assume they have the right guy. Of course, that determination is for the courts. I'll still go with the assumption, however, since the police have to know they'd be drawn and quartered if they screwed this one up. Not that the police don't make mistakes--because they sure do--but I understand that they've tied this guy to the crimes with DNA evidence and feel they have a very solid case.

Whatever the details, I'm glad to read of today's arrest. If one more vicious killer is off the streets (by the way, BTK stood for "bind, torture, kill"), then it's a good day.

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