Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blogger sucks. How about that for a post?

I know Blogger is a free service, so I really shouldn't be complaining... but that won't stop me, because they're wasting a lot of my time!

Blogger regularly gives me problems--locking up and ditching a post I wrote, doing multiple postings after acting like it never took any of them, etc.

Today, as you can see, unless it finally let me in to correct it by the time you read this, it posted what I wrote three times. Yesterday, it posted the header three times, eventually allowing me to delete one of the extras but not the other.

Yes, Blogger is free, but it's also buggy and very aggravating. Come on, Blogger people, get your act together!


Update: Blogger finally let me in to correct the multiple posts, but it remains a buggy, aggravating affair. Someone needs to clean things up at Blogger!

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