Monday, February 28, 2005

An “oh, shit!” kind of morning

The official plan for this morning began with a visit to the offices of the National Labor Relations Board in Brooklyn. It was a 10am meeting, so I figured I could catch a train around 8am and then hop the subway, making it there in plenty of time.

So what really happened this morning? Well, I just wasn’t in a rush to get to work, so I took my time getting ready. Around 8:40, as I was finishing my shower, it dawned on me. So I scrambled to dry off and get dressed, hopped in the truck (no time for the train and all that nonsense at this point) and drove quickly, but safely, to Brooklyn.

Miraculously, traffic wasn’t completely nuts, and I made it right at 10am. So I told the NLRB Board Agent that I had arrived but was waiting for my witness (the Comptroller of our hospital—I was really there in my lawyer capacity, to hold his hand while he gave the Board information).

Around 10:20, I decided to call the Finance office and ask if they’d heard from him, so I could tell the Board Agent how much longer he might be. When I called, the person who answered said, “oh sure, he’s standing right here.” “Here” being a good two hours from the NLRB’s offices. Time for the morning’s second “oh, shit!”

I was able to reschedule everything, but that really was more stress in my morning than I needed! Well, maybe I can work off my frustrations clearing snow later, since we have another @#*&ing storm coming. What a day!

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paulintally said...

I hate Mondays! Hope your Tuesday is better honey!