Monday, February 21, 2005

A little trip remembrance

For lack of some other subject to enjoy this evening (I know you don't want another post about the new house!), I've decided to share another picture from last year's trip to the Pacific Northwest.

On our way from Seattle to Western Montana, we decided to leave the highway long enough to find breakfast. By pure chance, we found our way to this establishment...

This, as you can see, is Twede's Cafe. Not having been a fan of the show Twin Peaks, the place just looked like a neat little diner to me. Since I like such places, it pleased me to see it. Marc, on the other hand, immediately recognized the place. He watched the show, and it seems that this place was used extensively in it.

Once we were inside, we found that the proprietors were milking their 15 minutes of fame for all they were worth. Apparently, the star of the show was noted to remark that they made a "damn fine cup of coffee." Well, they must not have been serving him what we had that morning, although I suppose I've had worse coffee in my life.

It was a decent breakfast and a nice little town, so I liked the stop. It's certainly scenic. Although I can't see living somewhere other than New York, I can easily see the attraction to living somewhere like this. It's stunning... and anywhere with a cute little diner has something going for it. (Now they just have to outlaw smoking in such places--I still remember the smoke wafting over us from the not-separate smoking section as we ate.)

Oh, one other thing I thought was interesting. Around here, businesses sponsor things like local Little League baseball teams. So what does Twede's Cafe sponsor? A bus. Yes, a bus. For what? For the bus races, of course! What a silly question! :)

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Knottyboy said...

Small town coffee can be a dangerous endeavor. I do recall once when T and I were in Fresno, CA. When my piping cup was placed in front of me I was perplexed by the coffee turning green when cream was added. Upon questioning the waitress she simply stated it was the water that caused the verdant beverage.

Ciggys!!!! OMFG in Prague I honestly thought I was going to bloody expire from the clouds of smoke. EVERYWHERE. Then I saw this incredibly squared jawed Czech smoke his cigarette with such sexual bravado that I almost had an accident. From then on I sat wreathed in fumes with a satiated smile thinking of my Czech blockhead.