Monday, July 21, 2008

There are more rugby photos, but first...

We had a team barbecue this weekend. So before we continue with Dublin rugby photos, how about some photos from the barbecue?

Our host, one of the guys from the team, had his niece there, and they spent some time playing horseshoes.

These were kid-safe (plastic) horseshoes.

And other guys from the team joined in.

Then some awards were given out.

Mostly, everyone just hung out and relaxed.

The first couple, Eric & James (James, in black, is this year's team president).

Our host, Steve.

My better half watches as the boys fire up the Slip 'N Slide.

Did I say Slip 'N Slide? Why, yes I did! Half-naked ruggers on a Slip 'N Slide! Whee! :)

And they're off!

But it's important not to go too fast!

Stopping suddenly on the grass can hurt!

Thrown a rugby ball, Nuno's next dive onto the slide sends up a nice spray!

Now Steve tries it.

From his next run (with the ball). I find something particularly appealing about this view!

Dual sliding!

And from the "only the ruggers" category...

Sliding with a cast on!

Not like the cast will get wet or anything!

Next, the guys started doing two at a time in opposite directions. The idea was to miss each other...

Here we go!


No damage done, and they come away laughing.

Steve, baby, just keep sliding this way!

We left some of the guys still lounging around and headed home after a fun afternoon!

If you'd like to see more, the full set is here.


dennis said...

Dennis like the blue horseshoe in mid-air, nice little kid too... the whole thing looks very active and fun.

Matt said...

I'm so glad I told you to take pictures. Wow.

You sure know a lot of hot guys, Jess. I love the slip-in-slide pictures. That must have been a blast!

BTW...looking good, Marc :)

Todd HellsKitchen said...


Marc said...


Jess said...

dennis: It was fun!

matt: Knowing the rugby team helps with knowing the hot guys. And be careful--that compliment will go to Marc's head! :)

todd: it was a lot of fun!

marc: well, you know I agree with that!

Greg said...

Oh, the hell with the game photos...let's have more ruggers on the slip-and-slide!! You do take some wonderful action shots, Jess...great work, as always!!

I've been meaning to ask: do you sprinkle the Splenda on the grass before you smoke it...?

; )

ATG said...

the slip n slide looked sooo fun!