Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Bingham Cup

If you guessed that he's from a French team, you're right!

This guy was a really good player!

Thought you might like a going away shot!

He scores a

Some of the Gotham boys in a pre-match huddle.

Kieran with the ball.

Some local guys climbed up on the wall to watch the tournament (presumably, they live in the houses on the other side).

Still (plenty) more to come!


kurt said...

jess, did i ever tell you that you are sexy bitch? i'm just sayin'...

Greg said...

The first image is great. Looks like they are trying to pants him, tho!

Really, he's from France? Are you just making an assumption because he talked funny? ; )

Matt said...

The French dude cracks me up. Great pics. Keep them coming! :)

ATG said...

i love that first photo...very cool.

Jess said...

kurt: Keep that up, and we'll be paying you a visit next time we're down your way! ;)

greg: Thanks, and there are lots of those moments in rugby. As for the possibly French guy, yes, the accent gave it away!

matt & ATG: Thanks!