Sunday, July 06, 2008

Aughnanure Castle

Continuing with castle photos...

A view from inside the grounds

This sign says a lot

I'm sharing the photo of the sign, because it says a lot about our experience in Ireland. If you read the warning (click on it, if you need a larger version), it says, in essence, "Pretty please, don't do anything bad here... or we'll rip your fucking lungs out! Thank you very much!"

Really, either ask nicely or warn us, but I love the combination approach. :)

This one is linked at full resolution (just click on it), in case you want to read the details.

If you do read that one, you'll get some insight into why so much of the Irish castles aren't so much castles as "ruins." That's largely courtesy of King Henry VIII of England, with help from his daughter Elizabeth. It's interesting how well Elizabeth seems to have come off in many accounts, because much of what I've read through the years has shown her to be rather brutal.

The stone steps up through the castle were narrow and tough to climb, so this rope was fixed to the wall to help everyone stay upright.

Steps up from the second level to the third.

This one is full-res also (just click on it), so you can read about various castle inhabitants, if you care to.

Inside the roof of the castle.

Castle cow

Well, I did promise you that there were cows there, so there you have one. After all, there was a field at the castle, so there had to be cows, because it's Ireland and that's the law! :)

Marc shot this photo. This archway was once over the entry to a hall at the castle. Now it stands in a wall that is outdoors on the grounds. What once was a hall now is a collection of ruins.

That will do it for the castle. More Ireland to come!


Janna said...

I love castles.
Thanks for posting these great pictures.

"Castle Cow" made me smile. :)

Matt said...

I hadn't realized castle stairs were so steep. I've always been fascinated with castles -- it must have been an experience walking around inside one.

Jess said...

Janna: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post!

Matt: It was interesting. It couldn't have been easy living there!