Thursday, July 31, 2008

Michael C. Hall looks good!

We watched the first couple of seasons of Six Feet Under, but Michael C. Hall didn't do much for me then. He wasn't hard to look at, but he didn't do much for me, either.

When we saw him on Broadway in Cabaret, he couldn't fill the shoes of Alan Cumming (whom we had previously seen in the show). He did a good job, but it just wasn't the role for him. Again, he was nicely built (too well built for the role of the syphilitic emcee, actually), but he didn't do much for me.

Now he's before me again, and things have changed! We've just begun watching Dexter (on DVD from Netflix), and he looks GOOD! Maybe it's that he has some color to his skin now. Maybe it's the color of his hair (it looks redder than before). Maybe he's just aging well. Whatever the case, he's easy on the eyes!


Matt said...

He does look good. I always thought Michael C. Hall's "pasty" skin on Six Feet Under fit his role as the serious undertaker.
When I first saw him on Decker I couldn't believe that was the same guy from SFU. He looked so healthy and tan. I think his clothes on the show have something to do with his transformaton. And his new, more relaxed hairstyle.

Lee said...

Agreed but I think it's his hair style in "Dexter" that makes an improvement. In Six Feet, with it gelled back, it made his head a bit too oversized-looking.