Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last Ireland post (except for rugby photos)

Before the rest of the Ireland photos, I want to mention something. We're watching an episode of Weeds, and I need to say this. Hunter Parrish, I know you're just 21 (and usually that really is too young for me to be interested, but in your case I'll make an exception). If you read this, just know that, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit!

Hunter Parrish

Okay, now on with the rest of the Ireland photos.

Our trusty steed.

The east coast, south of Dublin.

My other half, pursuing his photographic endeavors!

I shot the photo of this jogger not because he was cute (he's okay, but there were outright hotties around there) but because of the shirt. Can you see the logo on the breast? On the east coast of Ireland, and the jogger who goes by is wearing an NYPD shirt!

This is very Ireland--the grassy hills going right up to the beach.

This was at a condo development on our way. They had a lighthouse theme and this "lighthouse" at the end of the parking lot. Behind it, you can just see a lightship docked there.

They did have a nice marina there. I guess that's part of the attraction of those condos.

This church was on our way and looked nice, but we couldn't get a good angle for a photo.

The Rock of Cashel

Hore Abbey below/across the way (or what's left of it)

Another view of the Rock.

Back on the road. How about that for a tight fit? See where the tires ran? Yes, it's that narrow!

One last stop.

Again, I couldn't get a good angle for a shot (unless I wanted to stand in the high-speed traffic, one land in each direction, no shoulder road--in which case, I wouldn't be alive to share these photos!).

A look inside the abbey.

Okay, that does it for Ireland, except for the rugby photos. And there are plenty of rugby photos to share!


ATG said...

wow. parrish hunter is cute!

i love the first pic of the rock of cashel...great composition!

CoffeeDog said...

Everytime I watch Weeds I get a craving!

Matt said...

I'll have to put Weeds on my Netflix list. That parrish hunter guy is super hot.

Thanks for sharing your Ireland pictures with us! I look forward to seeing the remaining Rugby photos in your collection. :)

btw..I agree that the first rock of cashel pic is amazing.

dennis said...

Dennis says NY Fire dept hats are popular in Ireland too. Dennis' human went to Ireland, to the funeral of a young Irishman of County Sligo who died at the WTC, (he had young children and his wife was pregnant at the time) many many Irish are very very very connected to NYC. Since the tragedy the hats and shirts are everywhere. Everything closed that day in Ireland, it was a day of mourning. actually many weeks of mourning.

Greg said...

Jess, you hound doggy...

Rock of Cashel is the photos.

Wouldn't it be cool to build a garden around some ruined old castle like that (the Hore Abbey is the one I have in mind for garden around, actually)?

Jess said...

ATG: Oh yeah, he's very cute! And thanks about the photo! :)

CD: Never tried the stuff myself.

Matt: It's a fun, if silly, show. And thanks!

Dennis: That makes sense, considering the large Irish-American population here.

Greg: Leave it to you to see that as a good place for a garden! :)