Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to Dublin

Let's continue with the Bingham Cup photos. The first series is fun, not just because it's a good run but because James' boyfriend comes into view, and you can see his reaction as James runs and then loses the ball (but it winds up with a teammate, so it works out okay)...

See Eric in the background, with his arms raised?

Still smiling, arms raised.



Uh oh.

But it's okay, because Mikey got it...

Did I mention Mikey's muscles? The man is BUILT. You should see him when the shirt comes off!

And he scores!

Remember Steve, our host from this weekend? That's him to the left.

And now Kieran has the ball.

By the way, I'm only posting a fraction of the photos. Every time you see a series of four or five here, there probably are another 4 or 5 in the series. I just want to keep the post sizes reasonable.

In case you want to see them all, I'll post a link to the full set when I reach the last blog post using this set of photos. In the meantime, enjoy these!


~Jason G.~ said...

So when do you get back? lol

Matt said...

The pic of James loosing the ball is awesome. Love how the ball looks suspended in motion.

Awesome photos, Jess!

Dantallion said...

I see the appeal of rugby more and more.

Jess said...

Jason: As you know now from my e-mail, we've been back. It just takes time to stretch out all the photos!

Matt: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them!

Dan: Oh yes, they're nice to watch! Did you see the post from last weekend's rugby party, during which half-naked ruggers played on a Slip 'N Slide? :)