Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still milking the Bingham Cup photos

There have been various things about which I've considered blogging over the past few days, including the Nicky Cooper debacle, but I think it's more fun to stick to rugby for now...

This just makes me wish I had a closer shot of Steve there.*

*Sadly, Steve wears those compression shorts under his regular shorts, so we'd still be deprived of a good view. ;)

Some pre-match coaching.

Injured guys from the other team (the Sydney Convicts).

Numerous paramedics

In the end, I think the guy was okay, but it was scary. They immobilized his neck and put him on a backboard.

If you want to see a fierce look, click on this photo of Paul.

Eric's not hard to look at, either.

James relaxes on the grass after the Sydney match.

Okay, I guess I've gotten enough mileage out of those photos, but what you've seen is really just a sampling. The full set of rugby photos includes 330 shots. If you're interested in viewing all of them, go here.


Marc said...

Mmmm...Steve... (sorry, can't stop drooling).

Nice shot of Eric – very nice – and I love that shot of James.

Matt said...

Hope the guy from the other team was Ok and didn't suffer any permanent damage. It sure looked serious with all those emergency people on the field.

Great shot of James -- he has very kissable lips.

Jess said...

Marc: Take it easy, you!

Matt: I don't think it was anything permanent. We would have heard. As for James, now that you mention it, I suppose he does... but he's taken by Eric (the guy in the photo above him). :)

ATG said...

Oh, how my imagination is running away with me, and Steve...tee hee.

Jess said...

ATG: Very easy on the eyes, isn't he? And he's a really sweet guy!