Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bingham Cup photos (Dublin, June 2008)

Time to start sharing some rugby photos! But one quick note before I do. I made an error in the prior post, reversing the name of Mr. Hunter Parrish (it's fixed now). Sorry, Hunter baby. Come on by, and we'll make it up to you! ;)

The Bingham Cup has a few nice features. First, unlike our usual opponents, many/most of which are straight teams, Bingham is a gay rugby tournament. These are guys who like sleeping with other guys! It makes it extra special when I can hear things like the discussion one morning between two members of another team, regarding one of their teammates being late for the match: "I think I saw him go home with two guys." "I hope they both were tops, because two tops and a bottom can work, but two bottoms and a top usually is a problem."

Now that's the kind of chat I like to hear! So where were these hotties when I was lusting after the jocks in high school?

Another nice thing is that there are so many teams. Normally, when I share photos with you, it's just Gotham and one other team. But with this, I've got lots of material to share. So here we go...

Love the color of this team's uniforms

A number of these were at the tournament. They're part of the necessary equipment for a rugby tournament!

More to come!


dennis said...

Dennis says you take fantastic action shots! Have a nice Bastille Day!

Matt said...

It was well worth the wait for these Rugby pics. I love the one with the guy diving in for a goal -- great action photo(s)!

Jess said...

Thanks, Dennis! And we had a nice Bastille Day, but not as nice as the year we were in Paris for Bastille Day (on the sidewalks of the Champs Elysees for the big parade)!

Matt: Thanks! Keep watching!