Sunday, December 02, 2007

Isn't he easy on the eyes?

Sitting here flipping channels, I ran across a show called 20th Century Battlefields. It's hosted by a British father-son team, Peter and Dan Snow. This particular episode is looking at some key points in the Korean War.

But what really has kept me watching is Dan Snow.

I couldn't find a really good photo of Dan Snow, one that would really show his handsome face and lovely chest (he does look good in a t-shirt!). This photo is as good as I found.

Even if history and/or military stuff isn't of interest, you may want to pause in your own channel flipping long enough to admire Dan. Yum! :)


Greg said...

So -- just being curious here -- when does he do the show topless?

d. chedwick bryant said...

He's good looking, but he's certainly no Mark!

Hi Mark!

Jess said...

Greg: Wish I knew, but I'll settle for the t-shirt look in the meantime.

DCB: Um, I'll pass that along. :)