Saturday, December 08, 2007

I wish I'd said it so well!

My thanks to Knottyboy who posted this first, thereby allowing me to see it.

This is worth watching. I may send a dozen roses and/or a box of candy to Keith Olbermann. This is magnificent.


Cooper said...

Wow. Absolutely brilliant! This man deserves to be feasted and celebrated far and wide. Please, goddess, that every American has the chance to view these words, and soon. Bush is more than just an idiotic buffoon, he is a shameful, disgusting human being. Why can't he be impeached?? We, here in Canada just don't get that part?! You can impeach a president for lying about a blow job, but Mad King George lies about ... well, he lies about everything ... and he still sits there in the whitehouse wearing his tainted crown and firing weapons of mass destruction at his own people.

Andy said...

He's sexy when he's furious.

Alas, I think it's a lost cause. I think we -- no, not we, Bush -- is still going to bomb Iran before his term is out. The NIE did not change his stance; instead, in response he lowered the bar for tolerance of Iran. Before it was their active nuclear weapons program; now simply "having the knowledge" necessary to make weapons is a threat. There's your typical Republican for you: fear knowledge. This is just like the run-up to Iraq. When we couldn't prove that Saddam had any weapons, we demanded that he prove he had destroyed them. But of course we accused him of having more than he did, so when what he was able to prove he had destroyed didn't match up with our wishlist, we used that as justification for our war. I am deeply concerned about the desperate actions this administration may take in the next year. And I think we should all be deeply concerned that Hillary Clinton is running so strongly in the polls, after she supported and collaborated on Bush's war machine effort and echoes his outrageous stance on Iran.