Friday, December 21, 2007

Buzzed blogging

We've had a fun evening. We went out to dinner with some old friends. After that, Jeff took the train out, and we picked him up at the station, so he can stay over.

Once we got here, Marc and Jeff started making cosmos. They make really good ones, and they serve them in these big 10-ounce martini glasses. I've had five so far, and Jeff is making my sixth as I type this.

I feel so relaxed. What a nice evening!

Oh, and yeah, I think "buzzed blogging" is the right title. I don't really feel drunk, although we did have a big dinner (thus slowing the alcohol absorption), so it may catch up with me, especially as I'm about to hoist drink number six. Cheers!


Marc said...

You're thinker than you drunk you are! He is never this way because he almost never drinks! : ) It's cute, though.

Jess said...

No I'm not! Silly Bokey! Trix are for drunks.

ATG said...