Thursday, December 06, 2007

On to La Jolla!

I never finished posting trip snapshots. So now some shots from La Jolla...

The view from our room in La Jolla

The bedroom... and oh was that a fun bed!

The shower back there wasn't bad either!

But we didn't just have fun in the room. If that were the point, we could have stayed home! We went out to do some (too much) shopping and see some sights...

One of the locals greets us

Nap time

There are a bunch more photos, but I'll just post a few of them. I like this series, because this seagull was funny. He'd land on the rocks as the water receded and then take off when a wave was about to hit. Then he'd land a little farther down the rocks and repeat the whole process, wave after wave...

See him in the middle of the shot? I know he blends in a bit.

Spreading his wings as a wave approaches

And he's off

And he finds another rock for a brief stop

Now the wait for the next wave

That's it for trip photos. Hope you liked them.


Angie said...

The comment about the bed and shower made me giggle... :)

Andy said...

The bedspread is hideous. My eyes, my eyes!

Jess said...

Angie: Happy to spread some cheer. ;)

Andy: Yes, it is, but I really didn't care. :)