Monday, December 24, 2007

Oh, poop!

As some readers may recall, Marc and I once flew Maxjet to London. We loved its all-business class setup. We got our tickets on sale, so they didn't cost much more than a coach ticket on a regular airline. But even at full fare, Maxjet's prices were a lot lower than any regular airline's business class fare to London.

Today comes word that Maxjet is shutting down. The stories I've read all cited various factors leading to Maxjet's shutdown, but the "coup de grace," as described in the linked AP article was delivered this fall by American Airlines when it started service from JFK to London-Stansted (Maxjet's London airport).

I realize it's legal competition, but this really bothers me. Maxjet delivered better service far cheaper than the big airlines, so one of the big airlines went out of its way to crush them. If they manage to crush the other Maxjet-like airlines (EOS, Silverjet & L'Avion come to mind, as they're premium airlines that are cheaper than the major carriers), count on business and first-class fares going up. Not that we can afford the big carriers' business and first-class fares, but I really hate this.

I guess what I really hate is that someone with a sensible business model that put comfortable travel within our reach has been run out of business by greedy, inefficient old dinosaurs.


Marc said...

American has been doing that for years...years! They have successfully managed to keep Southwest under their thumb in Dallas using powerful lobbying to create the Wright Amendment, which would guarantee their investment in D/FW as a hub airport by limiting business out of Love Field. Only five years after Wright was law, D/FW was one of the nation's busiest airports, yet it is still on the books...and Southwest still can't fly beyond the contiguous states of Texas without a stopover, because as long as American has breath, they're going to ruthlessly go after their competition. It sucks, but it's big business.

Andy said...

The airlines are horrible. I haven't flown in over a year now, it's too horrendous. I used to love flying. I seem to recall there was a time when passengers were treated like guests.

ATG said...

i agree with andy...i remember when flying used to be a nice way to go. now they all treat you with the same care as they have always afforded the luggage...none.

every time a cool little company starts which actually provides travel at a reasonable cost and good customer service...the big boys bully them out of business. so freakin' sad and the people that are affected the most by all this is the customers of course...