Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Catalina photos

Time to share more trip photos...

The Avalon waterfront

A tribute to bald eagles and reminder of the effort to rebuild their population, once wiped out on Catalina by DDT thinning eggs to the point that they couldn't mature enough to hatch. The shells were too thin and would break. Now there are some signs of success in rebuilding a sustainable bald eagle population on the island, but there's still a long way to go.

In the background, we see the island's true leading bird.

This plaque on the front of a replica of a bald eagle nest offers some explanation of what has been happening with bald eagles on Catalina. I know I always tell you to click on these photos for larger versions, but clicking on this one will let you read the text, since I linked it to the full-res version of the shot.

The replica eagle's nest (with seagull on guard duty)

Three replica eagles with the replica nest

The Catalina post office, located in a sort of shopping court

The view from the post office

Everyone uses a golf cart to get around!

Driving back up to the Inn

Better view of the Inn

View from the bedroom

The view while standing at the door to our balcony

Avalon Harbor from our balcony

Looking back toward the California coast from our balcony

Better view of the casino from our balcony

I think that will do it for Catalina, at least until we next manage a visit to the island. Next up, some photos from La Jolla!

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