Monday, November 12, 2007

What a great attitude!

We've been in San Diego since Friday night. We'll be in the area (SD, Catalina Island, then La Jolla) for the week, but the highlight of the trip (and impetus for the trip) was my cousin Zachary's Bar Mitzvah.

Zach is 13 (of course... the age for a Bar Mitzvah), but he is one of the coolest, most positive people I know. I wish I'd been that cool at his age! Oh, who am I kidding? I wish I were half as cool now!

It's hard to convey what he's like. He and his older brother are well-mannered, well-raised, bright boys, but it's hard to give clear examples. Lots of people say how wonderful kids in their family are, but Zach's really amazing.

And his positive attitude is marvelous. We saw a fabulous example yesterday. A couple of hours into the reception, as the band was playing and everyone was having a ball, the lights went out. After about 30 seconds (which, believe me, is a very long time when the whole room is dark and people are worried), emergency lighting kicked in.

The band had amps and such that needed power, so they were out of business. Everyone was milling about, and the party ground to a halt.

But Zach would have none of this. He was moving about, determined to have fun. After a few minutes, the opening beat of Queen's "We Will Rock You" started coming from the stage. I turned around to see Zach and several friends on the stage. They were stomping out the beat with their feet and then began singing the song... and the party went on.

I wish more of us could face adversity so well. Things fell apart, so this young man immediately started devising a way to overcome the obstacle presented by a complete power failure. The power remained off for a few hours, but the party went on, and we had a great time!


Marc said...

Okay, truth be told, everyone, this is the way Jess' family is. They have a marvelous gift of optimism and positive energy. I'm happy to be a part of it! Zach is a firecracker, though - he is a truly remarkable kid who is turning into a truly remarkable adult.

Jess said...

You may be right, Boke, but Zach really is unusual, even for my family. Besides, they're not all positive and optimistic. We have one or two* who I'd trade to someone else's family! ;)

*Fortunately, no one in the immediate family, but we still have to tolerate them at special events like this one.

Cooper said...

Zach sounds like a great human being. I'm sure he's had wonderful examples of loving in his life ... just look at his uncles!

Jess said...

Cooper: If I didn't know better, I'd think you were flirting. ;) Seriously, thanks. That means a lot from such a wonderful young man!

Angie said...

That is sooo cool!