Friday, November 16, 2007

I don't think that's the way to do that

We're staying at the Grande Colonial, a lovely hotel in downtown La Jolla. The Grande Colonial is made up of a few different buildings, including the "suite building" in which we're staying. Between the suite building and the main hotel is a pool and, at the back of the hotel, a deck with tables where people can eat meals.

This afternoon, after running around with Marc, I took a book and sat down in a lounge chair by the pool. At one of the aforementioned tables (probably 40-50 yards from my seat) was a group of four women. They had been loud at certain points before, but I was doing my best to ignore them. Then the tone of their discussions took a sharp turn. Marc heard it, too, even though he wasn't with me by the pool. Our room has a view of the ocean, as well as overlooking the pool. I saw Marc come to the windows, and we began exchanging text messages.

At one point, I messaged Marc, saying that I thought they might be doing an intervention. In a public place? At one level, I really couldn't believe it, but it did have that sound. The discussions got incredibly loud, as well as profane at certain points, and, eventually, my suspicions were confirmed. The loudest of the women, directed this to another of the women: "Say 'I'm an alcoholic, and I'm ready to admit it!'" This was repeated loudly, more times than I can count. Again and again and again.

It was amazing how long this went on. I wasn't sufficiently troubled to say anything, particularly since the people doing the intervention didn't seem too stable themselves, but other folks eventually did. One guest came out of his room and made his way over to them to say they needed to pipe down. And I understand that the management intervened, so to speak, as well.

I still can't believe these pinheads did this in an outdoor, public restaurant area, but they did. Nothing like confronting the person and publicly humiliating her all at the same time. And, of course, it did wonders for the peace and tranquility of this lovely setting.


Angie said...

While an intervention shows they had good intentions, I cannot believe they did it in public like that. It might have been less distracting for all involved if they would have done it in one of the hotel rooms. How odd.

Patrick said...

Yikes. Yeah, I think you're right, everything about that sounds like a bad idea. Completely counter-productive too. Perhaps they thought she'd be less likely to resist if she were trying to keep a public face on things. I repeat, yikes.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I just don't know what is wrong with people these days, no one has any shame any more and I have often been subjected to arguments that were way too private to have been said out loud in public.


Eric said...

Well, perhaps they thought she wouldn't make a scene in public. Guess they thought wrong!

Cooper said...

If anyone ever decides to stage some kind of intervention with me (he's a tree-o-holic...we must DO something!), I sure hope they pick a beautiful location by the pool. I'm very good at zoning out unwanted noise. :)