Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last week, as I drove around California, I noticed that I almost never felt the urge to use the car's horn, despite my normally being very horny. (Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.) ;) Seriously, I may have used the horn once or twice all week.

The drivers out there tended to drive very fast, with the locals apparently seeing 65mph freeways as appropriate zones to drive 80mph or more, but there didn't seem to be the aggressiveness of our local drivers here. While New Jersey drivers tend to bring things to an especially bad level, our regular New York drivers certainly are bad enough. It raises my stress level every day during my commute.

I tell myself to just let the idiots go, but it still makes me angry. Seeing people turn from the wrong lane, run red lights, weave in and out of traffic, and commit other reckless stupidities gets my blood boiling. Don't these morons even care about the danger they're creating?

The police commissioner is an old friend of mine, but I don't even bother mentioning such things to him. It just seems hopeless. There are too many aggressive and/or senseless drivers and too few cops to really put an end to all of it.


Angie said...


Ha! One thing I don't miss about NYC, nutty drivers! Driving from Queens to Jersey to the in-laws was an awful experience every time I did it.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

That is the sad thing Jess, the bad drivers never think they are putting people in danger, they think they are excellent drivers and the rest of us are just in their way. My favorite has to be the guy that is in such a hurry that he weaves in and out of traffic, cutting people off and speeding in a school zone, only to meet back up with the rest of us at every red light!


Jess said...

Angie: I'm sure it was. Such drives sure raise my stress level!

Steven: Well put. I think you're exactly right. I just wish these people could be taken off the road. How many people do such drivers kill each year?

joey said...

A woman not paying attention while she was putting on makeup (while driving of course) smashed into me last year. I hate drivers!

Isadora said...

:) I can relate! Learned to drive a boat of a Chrystler in Boston as I turned 16 (nope, won't say when that was), so I can handle a car well. Had my days of road racing with the best of them along Rt. 128 and never thought much about it.

After I arrived in Hungary and bought an old Skoda that I would not worry about having stolen and will get me to the vineyard outside of town - thought I was all set. Not so. The driver here are probably the most agressive and absolutely senseless of anyplace I've been to. The day I was stopped at a light by a crosswalk and one of the pedestrians weaving through the cars - broke my car antenna then handed it to me through the window - I drove home and said I would never drive in the city again. :) So far, it worked. Strictly to drive out of town.

Andy said...

My biggest complaint about Oregon drivers is that they are frickin' SLOW. It's like they just can't go the speed limit, it's amazing. Yesterday I went for a drive and I was out on this wide, straight country highway. Well paved, good shoulder, sunny, clear, dry, speed limit is 55 mph. And I have this fucking Subaru in front of me going 45 for no fucking reason at all. And we now have this law -- which actually I think is a good one -- that requires drivers to slow to 20 mph when passing through a "school zone" M-F, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. I have to go through one of these on my way to work in the morning, and I swear, these people go 15!!!!! Come on, folks. Even a first grader can go 35.

Yes, come the new year I am finding a therapist to help me figure out why I'm in such a goddamned hurry all the time. Gotta run.

Greg said...

Living in Southern California, I can tell you that I hate driving in Southern California. For quite a few people, they feel entitled to drive as fast as they want changing lanes without giving a thought to the other drivers on the road.

But you get used to after a while. And then you find yourself doing it. Sometimes.