Friday, November 16, 2007

So much fun

I don't know what to share, since most of it would be lost in translation. What I will say is that we continue to have loads of fun. Everything from good, clean wholesome stuff, like taking out the San Diego branch of my family to a fabulous dinner at a fancy restaurant tonight, to the not-so-wholesome-but-oh-what-fun stuff.

As for the latter, why can't our regular, everyday sex life be like sex on vacation? It's so wonderful!

On that note, it's almost midnight here. Time to go grab my other half and see what kind of fun awaits!


tornwordo said...

So true! Sex is the best part of all our vacations.

Angie said...

I felt like that on my vacation to Brazil this year. During the trip I realized I would never be able to explain everything to anyone. I loved the thought of the experience being all my own, just for me.

Anyhoo, vacation sex is awesome too! Have fun! *giggles*

Patrick said...

Re: vacation sex. I bet it's the unfamiliar,(and maybe luxurious) surroundings, the greater level of relaxation, and the time you can take. No bills, chores or other responsibilities tugging at your minds. Enjoy it.