Friday, August 22, 2008

VP nominee--the word is out!

You heard it here first! We know who will the nominee for Vice President!

Yes, a female has been chosen, but, surprisingly, she's not white! She's black!

I have sources who have revealed the choice to me, and I'm going to break the news right now!

Are you ready?

She's crafty.

She has plenty of life experience, as her hints of white hair reveal.

She has dealt with tough conditions and has come through as strong as ever.

So here she is. Presenting the next Vice President...

VP nominee Mandy Moosedog

Note the touch of gray on the chin and that she has no problem dealing with harsh conditions. She's tough and experienced, and she'll be a great VP of her pack.

What? What did you think this post was about? Pack positions are of the utmost importance around here!


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